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The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up. A Damsel in the Desert giantess e An extraordinarily small burglar meets an extraordinarily large woman while robbing a caravan in the desert.

Recursive Discount (Giantess Cóntere animationem, Furry Macroni, Pt)

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The following are some links to other sites with a solid macrofurry content. Most are kept here for historical purposes as many have not been updated in a megawolf's age. We have entered a different era, the world of Furaffinity and SoFurry and Inkbunny , and the days of artists keeping individual homepages are mostly behind us. Even Rogue has hopped on that bandwagon, although he will always maintain this site as a repository for his stories, artwork will pretty much not be updated -- after all, it's easily found by a simple search on any of those sites. Rogue's very own FurAffinity page! Rogue decided that he was a webcomic artist, and needed a place to showcase his talent.

Macro Porn Videos

It's a game that contains content around macrophilia, paw fetishes and furry crush fetishes and with furry characters! The player will have access to a scenario where they can explore the environment and fulfill goals related to their kinks like cleaning the dirty paws of a macro furry, or being crushed or swallowed alive, [ All in Singleplayer but also in Multiplayer!
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